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ShadoClone: BEGONE by ImaginationStudio ShadoClone: BEGONE by ImaginationStudio
Made with deviantART muro
ShadoClone in practice using ONLY a mouse while laying on my bed. Just to show the advancement from my "500 Comments" to today. This isn't even my full skill since I don't use electronic tools often. I prefer the old method but this seems to allow me to be creative in the tools I use. It took 8 layers and mayve three hours of fiddling. I used art techniques learned at a ANIME CON that showed me about adding detail.

A: Create a body
B: Create new layer and redraw it with more detail
C: Repeat until satified with base art
D: Add extra features such as hands, movement/living appearence, hair outline
E: Repeat layering until satisfied. Erasing is a tool used to create new lines or soften existing ones.
F: Start adding smaller details like buttons, creases, hair roots, eyebrows, Eyes, mouth
G: Fill in basic color
H: Fill in darker color or layering
G: Abstract techniques and design are added
F: Finishing touches
Kell0x Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Nice touch! pretty neat that you did this with Muro!
ImaginationStudio Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you, Muro seems to have advanced since I last used it so it was easier for me.
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