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Wren S. Ift Bust Penciled lineart by ImaginationStudio
Wren S. Ift Bust Penciled lineart
Made with DeviantArt muro
Traditional then digital. 
Laptop thumbpad used for digital.
#7 lead pencil traditional
Phone camera for image capture.
Img 20160110 143723 by ImaginationStudio
Img 20160110 143723
Traditional method.
I always imagined that wren had an ugly nose. If he was a normal character I would have to explain his personality as angry because everyone judged him by how it looked. He probably became obsessed with his looks so he chooses a researchers career in order to create a synthetic skin that allowed people to change their faces. However, his budget got cut and like any up and coming villian he tested it on himself. His drastic success convinced his budgeters to increase spending as he displayed the results. No more nose jokes but nose jobs. With dramatic flair he managed to perfect it shortly after.
His work sold making him millions.

Of course he didn't forget about the budget cuts so with his own funds he advanced this research. Using the results created a spicing gene that allowed the adaptation of any organism.

.....that's all folks.
Untitled Drawing by ImaginationStudio
Untitled Drawing
Not my character. Not my design. Just this version.…

Not made with pen tablet. Not pre-drawn. Laptop touchpad "fingerpainting".

jUST PRACTICING DRAWING. My picture was meant to be rough and quick.
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Journal History

jUST PRACTICING DRAWING. My picture was meant to be rough and quick.
  • Mood: Neutral
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ImaginationStudio's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
I'm an artist/writer wanna-be and I love to create things in any shape or form and see how it affects others. I'm also very passionate about a single character I have and I am always looking for new commissions. I'm not really able to afford things on the internet but I can say my art concept is the simplest one in the world. You can't miss Compulsion Ressa anyway.… Template.… Weapon… Attacks/Etc.

She's the banner style picture of a blond girl with a red cloak and hood controlling ribbons. I can't draw well yet but I can can draw females sometimes since males are harder to draw.

A excerpt from my written work.……
My work is in the form of role playing so get over it if you expect a real chapter book.

Poem title: Little red riding wolf.

"With a growl,
And lust gave a howl.
My eyes are wide,
And my ears are listening.
My senses always on the prowl.

Your luck has run afoul,
And with murderous intent; disembowel.
My vision pried-
My hearing whistling,
My soul is always seeking.

My ribbons sharp,
And with them; Your screams- Readily, I harp.
It only ends when bones overbend.
Starting at dawn til the night, never to end.
Thats when of Fright; you'll die.
I am Compulsion. "

Favourite style of art: Classic/Traditional. It takes more skill to handle a brush stroke creativity withh the limitations of materials rather than have virtually unlimited resources and a zoom function. There's always a bit of life thats normally missing digitally because everything looks perfectly drawn.

"You, you are like any other person I know Compulsion." ShadoClone tells his little sister as he studies her golden shoulder cropped hair, extraordinarily bright crimson dress robes, and her long strands of ribbons that were currently neatly rolled into bowties. "You aren't extraordinarily beautiful, you don't have big breasts, your waist is average while also being a little bit on the short side. Your eyes aren't special colors yet and your powers are so generic a kindergartner could have created them." With each detail counted down the girl seemed to shrivel underneath her elder brother's gaze but the last almost brought tears to her brown eyes. Her eyes seemed to dart to the left in a way that ShadoClone could guess her thoughts. "I know you like your powers the way they are and I'm not going to try and change that now." His words seemed to bring some sunshine into the wilted face of the light skinned girl. It didn't last long as Shadoclone continued to talk to her in a stern and serious tone, "Everything about you could almost be ignored to the point you could never even be mistaken for little red riding hood in that because you look and can act so ordinary."

"I don't see whats so special about you." ShadoClone spoke with a questioning voice.
"It's my name," Compulsion whispered, "My name is Compulsion and it is special." In response to this ShadoClone sternly raised an eyebrow. "It's unusual to say the least," ShadoClone remarked, "although not extraordinary enough to comment on." Compulsion's unusually nondescriptive chin tilted downward under the disapproving gaze of her brother in embarrassment. The ordinary face she wore almost fell apart under the escaping emotion forcing itself through her already crippled self esteem as his discrediting words robbed her of the only shield she'd been able to muster in response. A long drawn out silence carried a conversation between the two as ShadoClone watched Compulsion struggle through a range of emotions. It allowed Compulsion enough time to regain face before she stuttered a second reply, "C-c-compulsion m-means something." ShadoClone gave her a blank gaze that expressed to Compulsion that she'd said something that he obviously knew. Fearing another disparaging remark Compulsion finally captured one of the emotions jumping within her and used it to muster courage from within. She spoke rapidly before her brother had time to take his speaking turn. She said, "It's not just a meaning but a personification. I may not be special to you but my name makes me special."

"N-n-n-now you're just repeating yourself." ShadoClone remarked casually with an exaggerated stutter as he continued to inspect her for something interesting to pick apart. The emotion that Compulsion had wrestled as her primary tool for courage flared underneath her brother's cold watchful gaze. ShadoClone smiled knowingly revealing a satisfied smugness that made Compulsion's grip on her emotions falter. "Now, why would you do that?" ShadoClone asked angrily. Not understanding the question Compulsion's eyes widened in confusion as she tried to analyze the source of her brother's anger. It wasn't until her eyes darted down to inspect her hands did she realize that he'd been impressed by something she'd done instead of some nonexistent intrinsic detail in her body. Compulsion didn't answer the question because from where she viewed the question it appeared rhetorical. Quickly, she picked through her vibrantly emotions tumbling inside to search for the correct emotion.

Note: december 2103- I am now an enterprising artist. I can hold my ground and have a rare art style classic drawing. If you're interested message me.

Note: Sep 2015- I have become a member of skilled artists. My art ability for now is enough to be sold. Whether anyone gives a crap or buys it now becomes a matter of advertising. Well, this is deviantart. I'm sure if I practice I'll be amazing.

My price range starts at 15$ for a bust shot and ends at 40$ for specialized requests. It can be negotiated and the max price always comes with mailed delivery of the traditionally drawn pictures.



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Without being over nostalgic and without realising it at the time, this photograph showed the building in London where I was born. The location was St Thomas Hospital on the opposite bank of the Thames from the Houses of Parliament. Sadly, I cropped it off just beyond the left margin of the submission. The skyline has changed dramatically in the intervening years though! It means a lot to me and I'm so glad you liked it enough to fave!  
Please do keep on watching???? 
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